November 23, 2014
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Who benefits?

The starkest contrast between forgiveness and gratitude, not surprisingly, resides within us. In gratitude, we experience peace of mind, a sense of honor and satisfaction, wrapped in the recognition of Spirit’s blessing in our lives. Not only do we lovingly embrace the things for which we are thankful, those around us absorb our positive energy and grow inspired to consider their own reasons for gratitude. In short, an "attitude of gratitude" affects more than one person.

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    Words of Mind
Just for Today

Nobody benefits!

In holding grudges, anger, or resentment, we mostly affect ourselves. Many times the subject of our disdain continues on his or her course blissfully unaware of our feelings, or worse, appears apathetic. In such cases, we hold the negativity all to ourselves. We alone experience all the anxiety and physical ill-being brought about by our feelings. Alternatively, the person we need to forgive the most awaits our forgiveness. He or she harbors feelings of inadequacy or sorrow that we cannot seem to release and let them go. Now, you affect that person, too, and cause untold hardship on his or her well-being. In short, nobody benefits from unforgiveness.


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