June 28, 2017
     Words of Mind
From the Spirit Journal

Peanut Butter jar

There's nothing quite like getting a big spoon, and dipping into the creamy surface of a newly opened jar of peanut butter! Similarly, life opens us up to smooth-surfaced possibilities with delicious experiences contained inside. Often, our fear holds us back from lavishing in all the good things contained beneath the surface. When we finally get the courage to pierce the surface of the illusion of the unknown, truly amazing things come into our lives!
Puddles, Toothpaste & the Deep End

New-thought philosophy purposefully
exploring life's spiritual inter-relationships,
sprinkled with a little history and words of wisdom.
    Words of Mind
Just for Today


We see glimmers of hope as our viewpoint shifts from that of despair to optimism. Life sparkles around us when we allow the light of possibility to integrate with our perception.


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