March 04, 2015
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As a child, we ran down the sidewalk almost leap-frogging into every puddle in our path. We giggled with delight as we jumped with determined feet into the center of the still water pool, splashing ourselves and those around us with our glee. Sometimes the most rewarding and muddy splash came when our mother just dressed us in clean, fresh clothes, so we dared to get muddy in the face of her disapproval, and found joy nonetheless.
When we clean up for life, and put our best selves forward to make an impression for others or, naively, for Spirit, life puts puddles in our path. Not an all consuming ocean of doubt or difficultly, the lowly puddle reminds us that life contains a wee bit of mystery and unknown for us to conquer. Life also gives us the chance to experience pleasure in the shattering the still and stoic appearance of our daily masks. So, turn tragedy to comedy as you face the puddles in your life, and get wet in the joy of the moment!
Puddles, Toothpaste & the Deep End

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exploring life's spiritual inter-relationships,
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    Words of Mind
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12th Day of Christmas

Twelve Drummers Drumming

Twelfth Night is the night before Epiphany which is the day the three Wise Men, also known as the Three Kings or Magi, from the East arrived in Bethlehem bringing gifts to the Christ child.
By the Middle Ages the drum, which was probably introduced to Europe from the Middle East by knights returning from the Crusades, had become a common instrument.
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