December 20, 2014
     Words of Mind
From the Spirit Journal

What are you hiding?

Inside each of us, burn the embers of understanding and coals of smoldering wisdom. With humility, many of us deny the truth about these gifts from life and bury our talents beneath our smoky exterior. We mistakenly think that if we disguise our true selves, we hide our strengths and weaknesses from the world thereby protecting ourselves from the harm of exposure. Additionally, we grow to expect the worst from the revelation of who we are, instead of allowing the possibility that more good enter our lives if we simply take the risk.
Uncovering Hidden Treasures

New-thought philosophy purposefully
exploring life's spiritual inter-relationships,
sprinkled with a little history and words of wisdom.
    Words of Mind
Just for Today

Zebra Stripes

I adore zebras. I'm fascinated by the way the mane is perfectly lined up with the stripes, and all the lines seem to fit their well-muscled bodies.
Everything in our lives lines up perfectly, too. Since our stripes comprise who we are, its almost impossible to notice.


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