April 28, 2015
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Condensation – insight

Condensation – insight I grew up in Michigan – the Great Lakes state. Together with great variations in temperature throughout the year, the state humidity level stays high. In the summer, car windows fog up with condensation, and in the winter, windows require defrosting. So, most of the time, the view from the driver's seat is cloudy and gray. Wipers won’t work to open up the field of sight, since the problem, in these cases, rests internally. When we think about how we fog up our own windows to the world, we see that many times we act as our own worst enemy. No amount of scraping or wanting the outside world to change to accommodate us will alter what's going on inside of us. The spirit of life lives within each of us, and remains the point of origin for all When the vision of who you are becomes cloudy, know that you alone can wipe off the condensation of self-doubt and insecurity.
Do You Do Windows?

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    Words of Mind
Just for Today

Is our country progressive?

The British called us "subjects."
Our Founding Fathers called us "Citizens"
Our politicians now call us "Taxpayers"

It seems we have come full circle in existing for the benefit of our government.


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