April 27, 2017
     Words of Mind
From the Spirit Journal

Our Choices

Like the matchboxes, the choices we make come from deliberation and decision making. From the simple and benign collection of free matches, to the intricate life-decisions that affect us on our walk on the planet, we become the collection of the choices we make.

Our bodies make thousands of involuntary choices each moment, awake or asleep. From our hearts beating, to our lungs drawing and exhaling breath, we trust our body to provide the necessary functions to sustain life. In a similar manner, we trust our judgment and choices to nurture our self-esteem, our self-actualization and place in the world. No matter how contemplative their origination, the choices we make on either conscious or sub-conscious levels, always spring forth from self-preservation or nutrition of the spirit.

New-thought philosophy purposefully
exploring life's spiritual inter-relationships,
sprinkled with a little history and words of wisdom.
    Words of Mind
Just for Today

Thanks for Family

Like 'em or not, you're stuck with them!
Today give thanks to your family for helping you to become the glorious person you are today! You wouldn't be here without them.


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